Located in the Highlands, Glen Ord has been hand-crafting fine single malt whiskies for over 150 years. It uses the traditional slow distillation method and is the only distillery to fulfill all requirements in malting its own barley. In conjunction with House of Mercury, The Singleton Discovery Series aims to showcase some of the world’s most extraordinary artists and their incredible music along with fantastic whisky. At the center of all the mingling was this signature wooden bar table where people meet and drink, generating all the energy for the party to thrive.

The Singleton series to bring world class music to Hong Kong was an ambitious programme with tight timeframe. We shared the same ambition and passion in designing and manufacturing this ultra long solid wood bar table and adjacent shelves decorated with seamless light boxes. Quality goes deeper than look. We did not opt for the easier, cheaper quick fix for skin-deep lamination. We offered substance, durability and character. We went one step further by offering incredible serviceability, flexibility and value. The whole set was composed of 7 individual pieces that each can be reused independently or collectively.