Johnnie Walker is a brand of Scotch whisky owned by Diageo that originated in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. It is the most widely distributed brand of blended Scotch whisky in the world, sold in almost every country.

As part of the Gentleman’s Wager II campaign for Johnnie Walker’s Blue Label, their rarest blended Scotch whisky, a premiere event was hosted in Hong Kong to release the short film about the joy of giving and how far it can take you, starring Oscar-nominated actor Jude Law.

To celebrate this joy and to pay tributes to Hong Kong’s very own style setters, they were invited to part with personal items that are fundamental to their form at the “Gentlemen’s Essentials” exhibition, which we helped setting up professionally with sophistication and style.

To spread the joy to consumers, we helped bringing to live a unique retail experience at its Pop-up Store @Sogo, inspired by the original Johnnie Walker’s whisky crate.

The rectangular cuboid crate became the simple basis of the modular design that combined matte navy blue and illuminated blue glass finishes.

Instead of conventional backlit lightbox, we applied edge-lit technology to enable lights to shine sideways through the translucent panel, indirectly lighting up from 5 sides.

We have a solution for every occasion. Different format of execution was adopted for in-store launch at different types of retail outlet.

Expressing gratitude can deliver great joy. Customers would receive a complimentary set of JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL crystal glasses and tray upon purchase, which we proudly and gratefully complemented.

Hennessy is a cognac house with headquarters in France. It sells about 50 million bottles a year worldwide, or more than 40 percent of the world’s cognac, making it the world’s largest cognac producer.